Thursday, December 31, 2009


LOVE..LOVE..LOVE.LOVE?? I'm still waiting for my guardian angel. I'm NOT SEARCHING, I'm waiting. I prefer a serious realationship in my life. Love me as Iam NOT what you wants me to be. And the most important thing is DON'T make me apart of you, if I can't be your everthing. =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my secret

I think to mysecret the words Self-Harm.Everyone asks why I do what i do? No one understand what they put me thought, my thoughts finally stop and go away..There now is nothing anyone can do or say..I cry the time that u were almost mine, I cry for the memories , I've left behind , Icry for the pain , the lost , the odd the new , I cry for the times I thought I had you. And the scars remind me , that the past is real.


I'm simple girl .Not pretty not HOT but i'm NOT STUPID! haha. When i was 7 they said i was strange. I noticed that my eyes and hair weren't the same. i asked my best friends if I was OK. They said "you're more beutiful" (someone said tht =p) and that the way they show that they wish that they had my SMILE. So my confiedence was up for a while. I GOT REAL comfortable with my own style. I knew that they were only JELOUS coz people are all the same and we only get jugde by what we do. Personality reflects neme and if I'm UGLY then? So are YOU! haha! There was a time when I lelt like I cared that I was SHORTER than everyone there. People made me like LIFE WAS UNFAIR and I did things that made me ashamed coz I didn't know my body would change.I grew TALLER than them in more ways. BUT there will always be the one, who will say something BAD to make them feel GREET. Everybody talks bad abot somebody and never realize how it effect somebody and You bet it won't be FORGOTTEN ENVY is the only thing it could be..